My husband and I have been together for more than 2 years now, and I can assure you that life with a fighter pilot has been a whirlwind of new experiences!

For starters, moving to Texas has definitely been quite the experience! And then being part of the Dutch Air Force and ENJJPT (Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training) program means I definitely have an interesting social life filled with many new people and (official) parties.  Between Fini Flights, Spouse Taxi Days, Change of Command ceremonies, Assignment Nights and other official dinners, we always have something interesting and fun going on!  Our Air Force experience has definitely kept us busy and constantly kept me on my toes!

Yet, last Saturday was the moment of truth: did I have the guts to fly with my own husband?

Well, turns out I did! He had to fly in a Cessna for the first time, which is only a little bit different than flying a T-38 fighter jet.  Of course no one else was flying that day because of the ridiculously strong winds, but apparently we didn’t mind a little turbulence.

For more than an hour we were ‘swinging’ in the air above Wichita Falls, in an unsteady little Cessna.  Thankfully we made it safely back to the ground, but oh boy, was I relieved when we finally landed!

Nevertheless, my husband got permission to rent and fly a Cessna, so when our first visitors from the Netherlands come to visit next week, we may be able to show them Wichita Falls from the sky! And although it was an incredibly turbulent experience, I got a nice point of view of Wichita Falls—from the sky! Thanks hubby! 

Wichita Falls from a Cessna