After missing Grease at The Wichita Theatre, I had to go and see another show.
I called a friend and the next day we were going to see Chicago at the Backdoor Theatre!

We had to search a little before we found the entrance, but eventually we got there. I guess that’s why they call it the ‘BACKDOOR Theatre’…ha!

What a cute, little venue! I have been to some large theatres in the Netherlands, but I had never seen this kind of theatre. Some people might say that it is old and dusty, but I think it is ‘back to basics’ and ‘rustic’. My Master’s Degree Thesis focused on the concepts of experience and authenticity, and I can assure you that the Backdoor Theatre was definitely an authentic experience for me!

One definition I used in my Thesis was: ‘People tend to perceive as authentic that which refers to history. It is about shared memories and longings.’ I think that definition was spot on for the atmosphere at the Backdoor Theatre. It wasn’t a staged and created authenticity, like everything tries to be nowadays. It was just a simple and charming theatre that fights its way through this world of big, commercial theatres! With the help of many dedicated volunteers, of course! How beautiful is that?!

Also the performance was an amazingly authentic production! There wasn’t a big stage with an overkill of decorations. Simply the actors with their breathtaking talent. No microphones, nothing; and it was fabulous! The acting was great, the singing was wonderful…they had everything a show really needs! Of course, it is nice to see a big, fancy musical, but a performance at the Backdoor Theatre makes you realize that it doesn’t always have to be bigger and better! Simple is sometimes perfection and I look forward to going again!

Chicago‘s last weekend at the Backdoor Theatre is March 21-23! Make sure to head out to catch this amazing show!


Check those cute, old fashioned chairs!