Aunt Margie's Gourmet Popcorn

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What makes Aunt Margie's Buttercrunch Popcorn different from Caramel Corn or Kettlecorn? After we pour the butter sugar mixture over the popcorn, it gets baked in a low temperature oven for over an hour. After it cools a bit, it gets packaged right away so it remains fresh and crunchy. (And it still isn't Caramel Corn!)

Come by for a free sample of our flavors: the original Buttercrunch, Lime, Lemon, Sweet & Spicy, plus the Chocolate varieties, made with fine Ghiraradelli chocolates. No unwanted ingredients, only pure dairy butter and good old fashioned cane sugar.

Can do a Popcorn Bar for a birthday party, wedding shower, any gathering where people love popcorn. Please call ahead for special orders.