The mission of the Wichita Falls Public Library is to act as the public information center for all citizens of Wichita Falls.  To the extent that funding is available, acquisition and organization of quality and relevant print and non-print materials and services, either from from our collections or through other libraries and information resources, will address educational, informational, recreational, and cultural needs in surroundings that are welcoming and efficiently operated.

The Wichita Falls Public Library subscribes to the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read statement.  That means that our collection will contain views and expressions which some may find unorthodox, unpopular, or objectionable.  We provide free access to the Internet. The Library is dedicated to serving the needs of all the public in so far as as funds, space, and available materials allow.  The Library is open to all who seek information.  We do not limit the search for knowledge by age.  Parents are encouraged to participate in their children’s learning experiences and guide them as they see fit in the use of the Library’s resources, services, and programs.

The Wichita Falls Public Library staff staunchly supports the principles of our democracy with all rights and privileges as provided by the Constitution.  We endorse the view that public library collections must be non-judgmental in nature, representing multiple viewpoints so that the user may select from a variety of thoughts and ideas.


Mon – Wed: 9AM – 8PM
Thurs – Sat: 9AM – 5PM