We hate to brag but the staff of the Wichita Falls CVB, along with unmatched assistance of the Multi-Purpose Events Center staff, pulled off a tremendous feat hosting the 2013 Golden Retriever Club of American National Specialty, October 20-30 in Wichita Falls!  

With over 1,200 registrations for competion and over 1,800 hotel room nights occupied, we are so pleased with how smoothly this event went.  In fact, here are some remarks from attendees at this year’s show…

“I just had to tell you that I had A FABULOUS TIME last week!  What a great party you all threw for all of us. Not only was there something for everyone to do each night, but I cannot remember a time when the Golden community laughed and smiled so much.  Even the rain was polite, holding off until after BOB ended or giving just a taste before the big event began.  Now that is what I call Texas hospitality.


One more thing  —  as if your own good humor and hard work was not enough to make this a grand National, I have to mention the super Wichita Falls cheerleader, Shane.  That young man was everywhere, all the time!  Seriously, he was still in the building when I left at 11 one night, and back there at 7 the next morning when I arrived.  And he never slowed down, never said no, never shrugged his shoulders or had a harsh word, though he had every reason to do so many times.  If every National committee could have a Shane, life would be great, wouldn’t it?  Please share with him just how much he contributed to a Grand National Specialty.” – Nancy Talbott

“I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about this year’s National when I looked at a map to see where Wichita Falls is. I became more apprehensive when I discovered I couldn’t get a direct flight there from Boston. And driving up from Dallas through small town after small town I found myself wondering what will this place be like.


However, the second I drove onto the MPEC grounds my apprehensiveness disappeared. And when I went into the buildings I was awestruck. The exhibit hall is incredible with room for everything and it appears to have been designed to allow for just about any activity. We were particularly impressed with the amphitheater where the annual meeting was held. The Birdwell Ag Center was a wonderful site for agility, obedience and the CCA. I kept envisioning a rodeo or horse show in there. The piece de resistance, though, was the Kay Yeager Coliseum. What a spectacular place for a huge dog show! And of course the field grounds were pretty awesome as well. The judges certainly had plenty of options for their setups.


Congratulations to y’all for an extremely well run event. Everything seemed to go very smoothly and in addition to the various events there were plenty of things for attendees to do from seminars to the eye exams to the blood draw. I think, last but certainly not least, the social events were very well attended and enjoyed by all. The Welcome Dinner, the Gala and the Field Trial Welcome Dinner were all great. But I think the Texas Hoe Down stole the show. The Mavericks are an amazing, unique group. Their barbecue was fabulous and they really kept everyone entertained.” – Glenn Simonson, GRCA National Treasurer



Here’s to another successful event in Wichita Falls!