Forever Mac Is:

Dave Gilley as Mick Fleetwood
Robbie Harrell as Christine McVie
Jay Trahan as Lindsey Buckingham
Leigh Anne Bramlett as Stevie Nicks
Kirk Young as John McVie
Ron Logan – Keys, Guitar, Vocals

Forever Mac is six Dallas music veterans, exploring some of the most powerful and influential music ever made. Our faithful recreation of those beautiful harmonies and iconic instrumental tones will take you back to the days when Fleetwood Mac’s hits ruled the radio.

When we discovered our shared love of Fleetwood Mac’s organic vocal blend and awesome songwriting, making a band was inevitable. What we didn’t expect is how much fun performing such great songs would be!

Our continuing fascination with this iconic band lets us bring you a never ending variety of song arrangements, spanning more than four decades of tours and performances, keeping the music fresh.

We love Fleetwood Mac as much as you do, and we can’t wait to share this magical live experience!