This will be the ultimate calming Kid’s Cafe where your child will make a Lavender scented eye pillow and learn breathing techniques with the Balance Yoga Instructors! We will start promptly at 10:15 and your child will be able to color and decorate their sock. From there, we will mix Therapeutic grade essential Lavender oil with rice and let the kids fill up their sock. The Balance Yoga Instructors will be over at 11am to get your kids relaxed and teach them some breathing techniques as well as a mini savasana. We will have a piece of synthetic grass from Forever Lawn and yoga mats! YOU MUST BRING an adult sock for each child – keep in mind, if they want to color on the sock, it would be better if it were white. COST: FREE with the purchase of 1 Large Adult Drink and 1 Kid’s Drink Or $2 per child.