When the new Wichita Falls Regional Airport was in the planning stages, it was imperative that it have a unique and distinct look and feel. As Wichita Falls is a unique city and destination, the airport needed to impart that vision since it’s the first impression many visitors will have of Wichita Falls!  

What better way to show what Wichita Falls has to offer than to display the artwork from students attending Midwestern State University! MSU is a vital part of the Wichita Falls community and the students have helped bring that vision to life.  

David Potter, facilitator for the Wichita Falls Regional Airport art project, decided to work alongside the Chair of the MSU Harvey School of Visual Arts, Dr. Ann  Leimer, as well as the Dean of Fine Arts, Dr. Camacho, plus a special committee dedicated to selecting student artwork that is on display.  

In the future, students at MSU will have the opportunity to have their artwork featured on a rotational basis at the Wichita Falls Regional Airport.

During the official opening of the Wichita Falls Regional Airport, the selected MSU student artists were in attendance to take pride in their work being so prominently displayed!  

Jacob Starkey-Graphic Design and Digital Media, MSU Graduate-Fall 2014

VcMor Eligwe-Painter, MSU Graduate-Fall 2014

Jessica Delucio-Photographer, Senior at MSU 2014-2015